Is Your Lead Magnet Working?

Just like you track and measure all your goals (since you set SMART goals), this part will be easy to find out. As a reminder, a SMART goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. For example, if you create a lead magnet to spread brand awareness while building your list, […]

Pros and Cons of Creating Your Own Lead Magnet

We mentioned earlier that you could use PLR to create a lead magnet, but you can also create your own. There are many common pros and cons of creating your own lead magnet to consider as you go forward. You’ll Build Your List Fast – The truth is, you’re going to build your email list […]

Investing in Lead Magnets: How Much Should It Cost?

One thing you’re likely wondering is how much it will cost you to create a lead magnet and do all the things you need to do with the lead magnet to build your list. The truth is, you can spend from zero and time to thousands and time. No matter what, though, it’s going to […]

Do I Need a Call to Action for My Lead Magnet?

The short answer is YES! One part of creating your lead magnets that is sometimes overlooked is the call to action. The truth is, you should work on your CTAs for your freebies just as hard as you do for your paid products and services. After all, you want to attract the right customer to […]

What makes an effective Lead Magnets?

Remember that a lead magnet is a tool used by business owners to attract their audience to come to their website and sign up for their email list so that they can communicate their offers. The lead magnet needs to target the right audience, solve a problem quickly and easily, and provide specific information that […]

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A business owner’s most important asset today is their customer email list. A healthy email list will ensure healthy profits. In fact, marketers report earning 38 to 40 dollars for every dollar they spend on email marketing. Using lead magnets to incentivize your ideal customer to sign up for your list is a classic and […]

10 Reasons Lead Magnets Are so Effective

There are so many reasons lead magnets are so effective at list building. Aside from the obvious fact that human nature makes it apparent how much we love getting free stuff, lead magnets help educate an audience in a way that feels more natural than other types of selling. In many ways, when you develop […]

Lead Magnet Ideas That Actually Convert

Think about the websites that you have visited this week. How many of them embedded links to e-books, PDF’s, or online courses that were offered at a free or discounted rate? Nowadays, most brands utilize lead magnets in an attempt to grow their business and retain their customer base. Unfortunately, the availability of free resources […]

4 Signs That You Need to Change Your Mindset | 003

4 signs you need to change your mindset

Christmas just finished, and we are headed into the new year. Everyone’s spirits are bright and grateful, but I am curious. How is your mindset underneath the Holiday cheer? Because once that toll rings in the new year, are you going to change to a Debbie downer?
You may not realize this, but your mindset can make or break your business. In other words, you can have a fantastic offer but still fail because your attitude and energy are off.
In this episode, I’m going to tell you the four signs that it’s time to adjust your mindset so that you can keep selling out your amazing offers.

The Life of an Entrepreneur | 002

The Life of an entrepreneur

Ever wonder why every single entrepreneur’s journey looks the same as each other but totally different than yours? It’s because there is a script. We keep it locked up until you are ready for it. It’s not that we are lying. We just massage the truth a bit. But this episode, I’m getting to the heart of why my journey is anything but normal.

Is Facebook Marketing Right for You?

Facebook Marketing is it right for you?

When starting a new online business or bringing your current business online, one of the first questions many entrepreneurs face is, “what social media platforms should I join?”

Today we are diving into if Facebook is the right platform for you. I believe Facebook should be a platform every business is on. However, if your ideal audience isn’t active on the platform, you shouldn’t waste your time.

Welcome To The Show | 001

Welcome to The Offer Clinic

Welcome to The offer Clinic Episode 1. The maiden voyage.

And I am so excited to have you here. This show is going to be so much fun. I have already been recording some amazing interviews that I can’t wait to share with you.

But this episode I’m going to keep it short and sweet because I really just want to help you build an expectation and understanding of if this show is for you or not.