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Welcome To The Show | 001


Welcome to The offer Clinic Episode 1. The maiden voyage.

And I am so excited to have you here. This show is going to be so much fun. I have already been recording some amazing interviews that I can’t wait to share with you. 

But this episode I’m going to keep it short and sweet because I really just want to help you build an expectation and understanding of if this show is for you or not.

About Your Host Alexandria

It is amazing to virtually meet you. I am a Launch Expert. So I help with offer creation, sales funnels, and copywriting. And no that is not my manicured elevator pitch, my coach will probably kill me if she ever reads this. But I just want to start off by being real with you.

To be honest I don’t like introducing myself as the launch expert or the Conversion Copywriter, or even the Funnel Builder {and I live to build funnels}. Because that’s not who I am. 

I’m a sommelier, a video gamer, and an anime lover who builds kickass funnels {seriously I love to build funnels}. 

Imagine if that’s how I introduced myself at a networking event, and we just got to vibe and talk about whichever topic made you most excited. Honestly, I have bonded with friends across nationalities, generations, and job types because of injuries, comic books, video games, and more. 

The one thing I have never bonded over is my job title.

It honestly baffles me how we always want to know some’s job, not their passions. And you know what? That same mentality sneaks its way into your business. And I for one hate it

How I Did Business All Wrong

If you learn anything from me, I hope it’s this:

“Build for your passion with your gift. NOT for money with your excellence.” 

That’s how I went wrong and why I really want female entrepreneurs to build their businesses with passion.

When you are chasing money and working from excellence instead of your gift, you won’t be inspired, just motivated. I was always chasing the shiny new object, figuring out the latest platform, and buying the $27 template.

I looked at every objective and goal as a backbreaking task that was super overwhelming. And guess what? I stayed stuck because it made more sense to not do anything than to start doing EVERRRRRYthing.

I stayed stuck so long I would give up on a niche and start something new. In fact, I started 4 businesses in less than 18 months.

So I built the websites. I had market research calls. I even created products.  

All for businesses I didn’t want to work. 

It took me listening to other entrepreneurs, following their journey, and getting clear on who I am, who I want to serve, and how I want to serve them, to finally get it right.

How the Offer Clinic Helps You do it Right

But how easy is it to see the actual entrepreneur’s journey instead of the carefully crafted epiphany bridge or origin script?

So that’s where The Offer Clinic comes in. I want to create a binge-able show that feels like grabbing a cup of coffee with your best friend.

My hope is that you will tune into some great solo sessions and casual chats that show the passion of each guest and inspire you into action. 

And notice I said inspire. 

I don’t want my guest or even the solo episodes to be a motivational speech that just makes you feel good. I want each episode to have huge takeaways that you can implement in your life today. 

I want you to take inspired action and show up messy. 

I want you to wake up every day excited to work on your business. 

So can I get an amen!

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Long story short, I understand what it’s like to try a million different complicated strategies with tech that never seems to do what you want. That’s why I help creative lady entrepreneurs launch their digital offers with simple strategies that don’t complicate or overwhelm your life or business.

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