Facebook Marketing is it right for you?

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Is Facebook Marketing Right for You?

When starting a new online business or bringing your current business online, one of the first questions many entrepreneurs face is, “what social media platforms should I join?”

Between Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, and more, it can be a difficult choice. On the one hand, it is tempting to be present everywhere. But, it isn’t in your best interest to be on every platform; unless you have a large team or plan to hire a social media manager.

Today we are diving into if Facebook is the right platform for you. I believe Facebook should be a platform every business is on. However, if your ideal audience isn’t active on the platform, you shouldn’t waste your time.

Facebook Is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Facebook is a popular social network all over the world. Facebook has over 1.82 billion active users daily, making it the most popular social network globally (statista.com). 

Facebook users post photos, discuss their daily lives, interests, hobbies, and tons of other demographic data. Businesses can use it to optimize their messaging and connect with their followers. Additionally, you can create a Facebook page, which is like a personal profile for your business.

Facebook business has amazing features for businesses. For starters, it has marketing tools like Facebook page insights and Facebook ads.

Using Facebook Page Insights to Build Customer Relationships

Facebook pages are almost becoming synonymous with your website. Unfortunately, unlike a website, you don’t own the space. But you can provide customer service, nurture your leads, and interact in real-time.

You can also share valuable content by sharing links to your blog posts or using Facebook Live. Both options allow you to build personal relationships while showing off your expertise.

Facebook insights help you understand your potential customers’ habits. You can learn how active users leave comments and engage with your brand. You can also figure out what type of content increases your conversion rates. With this data, you can focus your posts and convert more people.

Facebook insights can help you clarify your messaging. With clarity, you can create content that turns your followers into customers. Over time you will learn which followers to focus on, when to include links to your offers, and what products to create.

Taking Advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook business also makes it easy for small businesses to advertise via Facebook Ads. With Facebook ads, you can leverage all the demographic data that Facebook collects. You can identify your target audience, look-a-likes, and custom audiences to grow.

Moreover, with custom conversions and detailed insights, Facebook’s marketing tools make marketing accessible. Even though it has a low barrier to entry, you should not “play” with Facebook Marketing.

Like all marketing efforts, you should have a marketing strategy and be prepared for the risk of loss. Your marketing campaigns can become expensive if executed improperly.

In recent polls, 32% of businesses have said they are now getting less for their marketing dollars with Facebook than they used to. Moreover, another 27% said they mistrust Facebook’s use of their business data. (inc.com)

With the right strategy, Facebook marketing will help you sell more of your offers and collect more leads. But first, you should determine if Facebook is the right network for you and your business. 

Is Facebook the Right Social Media Network for Your Business?

When adding a marketing tool or network to your business, ask yourself the following:

“How will it help me connect with my customers?”

In regards to Facebook, the platform is known for having and adding valuable tools. From analytics tools and Facebook pages to Facebook Lives and groups. There is always a way to use and optimize the platform for your business. 

With billions of users globally, the chances of your ideal client being on the platform are high. But it’s wise to review how active they are and the likelihood they will convert into customers.

The easiest way to find this out is to conduct market research with your current clients. Find out how, when, and why they use Facebook. This data will help you determine if you join the platform, when you post, and the type of content you deliver. 

If you are starting in business, ask friends and family who match your target audience. Market research is key to figuring out if Facebook is right for you. Even with all the features and users, you will waste your time if you can’t reach and convert your ideal audience.


Facebook can help you promote your website and your business. With over 1.82 billion active users daily, you can easily find qualified leads.

If you are thinking about adding Facebook to your social media marketing strategy but don’t know where to start, schedule a free listening session. You can tell me about your business, and we will discuss how I can help you create a custom step by step marketing blueprint.

Schedule your free listening session today so you can master your Facebook marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook has over 1.82 billion active users daily, making it a powerful social media network.
  • Facebook audience insights can help you clarify your message and understand your customers.
  • Facebook advertising makes social media marketing more accessible to small and local businesses.

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