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Pros and Cons of Creating Your Own Lead Magnet

We mentioned earlier that you could use PLR to create a lead magnet, but you can also create your own. There are many common pros and cons of creating your own lead magnet to consider as you go forward.

  • You’ll Build Your List Fast – The truth is, you’re going to build your email list a lot faster, the more entry points you develop. Whether you create more paid products or more freebies, you’ll be making more entry points and thus build your list quickly.
  • Your List Will Be More Targeted – Who knows your audience better than you do? You can create freebies that speak directly to your audience in a way that other people probably can’t, because you know them. When your freebie is uber-targeted, your list will be too.
  • Your Website Will Get More Traffic – It’s just the way things work; the more information and content you upload to your website and the more landing pages you offer, the more traffic the search engines will send you. Your website will look and feel and act more professional the more landing pages you offer, and your audience is more likely to find you due to that work.
  • It Can Cost a Lot of Money – If you’re not careful, especially if you outsource writing and other tasks, it can cost you a lot of money to create your own freebie. Pay attention to your investment in this project, and don’t overlook the content you already own.
  • It Can Take Too Much Time – Creating a freebie yourself can sometimes suck a lot of time away from other things you need to do. However, this can be overcome by making plans to repurpose almost everything you create into segments of freebies.
  • Bad Freebies Can Set Poor Expectations – One risk that you will be taking by giving away free stuff to build your list is to lower the value of your products and services. Be careful about what you give away so that the expectations you set are for more value, not less.
  • You Lack Funnel Education – One thing that you have to fully understand when you create lead magnets to build your list, is that a good lead magnet is short, to the point, and highly targeted so that it offers high value to the specific segment of your audience that you made it for. If you don’t understand how funnels work and what your buyers are doing as they journey toward buying from you, you might waste time and money.

Making your own lead magnets is doable and essential, but make sure you know why you are making one, how you’ll set it up, and where you’ll promote it so that it pays off.  You’ll need to be able to match your lead magnet with a goal to track and measure what’s working and what’s not when it comes to list building with lead magnets.

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