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Investing in Lead Magnets: How Much Should It Cost?

One thing you’re likely wondering is how much it will cost you to create a lead magnet and do all the things you need to do with the lead magnet to build your list. The truth is, you can spend from zero and time to thousands and time. No matter what, though, it’s going to cost you time. But what you get back is going to be more than worth it. So, the answer to the question about how much it should cost really is all about how much you want to succeed.


You can buy private label rights content to use for lead magnets relatively inexpensively. You can join a membership, search for specific content and more that someone else wrote for you to use. Follow the terms of service and the rules for the PLR that you buy.

Hire a Writer

If you hire a writer, you can expect to spend from $25 per 500 words and on up. It depends on how much work they’re going to do. If you provide an outline and other information, you can save a little money, but if you expect the writer to have the expertise that you do, it may cost you a little more.

Hire a Coder

If your freebie is going to be some form of app or software, you can also hire a coder. You can hire coders for as little as $10 an hour if you aren’t worried about hiring coders offshore. However, it will likely take some time to find the right people that you can trust.

Use App Software

You can also use white-label software to design apps and other freebies to give away to build your list. Often, this option comes with a membership fee but is usually very affordable, depending on the type of functionality you want.

Repurpose Content You Already Have

You can actually take the content you’ve already created for products and marketing and repurpose it into a freebie to build your list. For example, you can compile older blog posts about one topic into a short “how-to” eBook or course.

Get Landing Page Software

Designing landing pages that work can be done by hand without using landing page software like Drip.com or Instapage.com, but if you do use landing page software, creating and marketing freebies is going to be so easy and fast. You can expect to spend from 20 dollars a month and on up for professional landing page software.

Set Up Your Autoresponder

You must have an autoresponder to do this type of marketing because using anything else can set you up for spam issues. Purchase the right autoresponder software for your needs by reading all the terms of service. Software like AWeber.com, ClickFunnels.com, and ConvertKit.com are great ones to try. Watch out for offers from Mailchimp.com and others like it, due to their resistance to affiliate marketing. Pay for autoresponder software that can grow with you.

Use Paid Solutions

When you are doing business online, it’s going to pay off to pay for solutions that help you. Don’t use the free versions of anything to run your business. It’s not worth it and the truth is that as an investment in your business, you often get what you pay for.

Invest in File Storage and Delivery Solutions

The one other thing you need to help you with freebie or lead magnet marketing and list building is a way to safely store and deliver all digital products – whether free or paid. Check out Amazon S3 and other solutions for this. Don’t cheap out here because it’s not worth it if you plan to get lots of list members.

You can spend nothing but time getting your lead magnet set up if you already know how to set up your autoresponder, landing page, and so forth to work properly so that your audience can get the freebie offered quickly and easily. You can also spend a lot if you create everything originally. It’s up to you and how much you have to invest, keeping in mind the high return on investment that email marketing offers business owners.

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