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Do I Need a Call to Action for My Lead Magnet?

The short answer is YES!

One part of creating your lead magnets that is sometimes overlooked is the call to action. The truth is, you should work on your CTAs for your freebies just as hard as you do for your paid products and services. After all, you want to attract the right customer to your list – someone ready to buy who needs your offers.

Set Up for Customer Devices

Today most people are viewing websites using mobile devices. This is especially true when checking email. People tend to check email while they’re doing other things on their mobile. Every single thing you sell or give away must be accessible on every device.

Use Command Verbs

Telling your visitor what to do using the right verbs is very important. Most people aren’t going to act unless you give specific instructions on what to do. That’s why most freebies say “Download Now” instead of “Buy now” because it’s more descriptive about what you’re doing.

Get Their Attention

Design the download form in a way that makes them pay attention to it. Using the right colors, words, and design is going to help get their attention. Knowing how people read from right to left on paper but in an F-shape online, for example, helps you know where to place information to get more attention.

Provoke Enthusiasm

When they see your offer, you want them to feel something for you and the offer – such as excitement and enthusiasm. The more emotions you can evoke while you are promoting your freebie, the more likely they are to try it out.

Tell Them Why in No Uncertain Terms

Don’t leave their options open. Tell them why they need this freebie. Just tell them in clear language that they will understand. Don’t try to be clever or tricky at all. Just tell them why they need this solution as clearly as you can.

Evoke FOMO

Because of human nature, we can be coerced into buying or downloading something now just in case we miss out later. Eliciting the fear of missing out is a classic marketing tactic used before computers ever thought of being around. You can do this easily by simply mentioning that this offer will be gone by a specific date or time, then stick to that.

Think Outside the Box

While you do want your offers to look safe like other offers – being very similar to everyone else also provides comfort – you also want to make your offers unique to your audience, using terms and words that only they would use. The most crucial factor is to be very clear about what they’re going to get, as well as how and why it will happen. You may think that you’re clear when you’re not, because often you’re just too close to the situation. Let someone else proofread your sales page or landing page to ensure that it says what you think it does.

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